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Fuck Anything That Doesn't Make You Happy.

Basic Guidelines

Your target audience is likely to be single males and females, likely to be aged between 18-35. Aim to cater towards young professionals or mature students, who (like us) are looking to self-improve. A few technical aspects about the blog post itself include:

– Posts need to be 100% original
– A minimum of 500 Words
– Use headings, sub-headings, bullet points/lists
– Meet at least one or more criteria in our blog categories

Offering Value | Entertainment | Self-Development | Fits our Culture

Writing Style & Creativity

We are pretty open when it comes to writing style. Our Writers talk about almost anything, however, we still want information to be correct and informative while creating humour. Especially if sharing a personal experience.

Swearing is allowed mainly in expressing your point across. Anything over the top or too specific will not be accepted. When writing please use this type of example as a guideline (f**k).

Our content creators are expected to have first-hand experience of all their posts.

Writing Style & Creativity - Life Being Single
Women Writing on Laptop - Life Being Single

Editing & Quality Control

We reserve the right to make any edits on your posts. With the main focus on checking spelling and grammar. If by chance we do need to make changes we will contact you directly so we are both happy before publishing.

We want all our content creators to be able to feel that all of their content is the way they want it to be published, so we will take great care in making sure this happens.

What We Offer In Return

If you continue working with us and the feedback for your writing style and the topic choice is liked we are more than happy to do the following:

- Upload your personal Bio
- Have 3 personal social media links
- Will share and tag your post on our social media pages

You are welcome to provide any social media usernames you would like us to tag you in when we upload your post and share the article on your own social media or website.

If you work with us regularly we are open to creating you a personal biography section on our About Us page and discussing further lucrative opportunities.

The Vision Life Being Single

Life Being Single Opportunities

If you feel that Life Being Single has a place in your heart, then we would love to have you as part of the team. We are always looking for people to come on board and share their skillsets to see the vision grow. Please get in touch with us about any ways you think you can help out.

Content Creator
Social Media Influencer
Content Strategist
Name Your Skillset
Festival Crowd Location Reviews

Location Review

If you are interested in writing a review for your preferred city we expect you to meet at least one of the following criteria:

- Born/grew up in this location
- Lived there for a minimum of three months
- Based in this location within the last year

Ideally, we want people who have local knowledge and can recommend the best places. We do not want writers who have been there for a couple of days on a bender in some dive/backpack bar. Our followers want the best thing possible. Nothing average.