Are you scare to travel solo?

Do you like to travel? But don’t have anyone to travel with? And, you are too afraid to travel solo? Most of the time, we are scared because we have never done it before or just don’t like to experience new things “alone.” Well, the good news is that you don’t have to travel alone anymore.

And I’ll tell ya a little story why this is the case.

Have you ever heard of a hostel? Some people have and some haven’t.

They are not very common in the US, so when we hear the term “hostel” some people think it’s a sketchy, dirty hotel like environment that’s not very safe. I in particular, knew it was a cheap place where backpackers from all over the world hang and sleep; just like a hotel.

I didn’t want to stay in one because of all of the negativity around them. I thought I would never stay in one…especially alone. Boy has my mindset changed! I’ve never had the courage to travel solo until one of my friends had just got back from living at a hostel in Bali for 3 months! He made Instagram story posts almost every day showcasing his life abroad at the hostel. I saw him with groups of people, ages anywhere from 20-35, all having an amazing time together. Almost like a family and thought, you know what?

“I want to check out the same hostel he’s at right now. My lease in Los Angeles ends, and before I sign another one, I want to see what the hostel life is all about.”

I decided to book a “solo trip” and now have been travelling alone for 3 weeks in Bali, Indonesia! My viewpoint of hostels has changed from negative to positive that’s for sure!

These past 3 weeks I’ve stayed in 2 hostels. The “Capsule Hotel” in Seminyak and “Gili Mansion” in the Gili Islands. You definitely don’t feel alone being here. Everyone has the same mindset of meeting new people, having a great time and exploring!

Not to mention it’s so freaking cheap to stay here!

Averaging around $7 a night. That’s why people can backpack/travel for so long because of how affordable it is.

It’s so cool because everyone has their own unique story of where they have travelled and how long they have been travelling. Many do travel light and are backpacking, but others (like me) brought a suitcase, (feelin’ kinda boojie up in here haha.)

It seems 90% of them are “solo travellers” and they PREFER it that way. No one to impress, they can do what they want, travel where they want on their own time and STILL get to enjoy new friends from all over the world! It definitely is more of a party vibe, but what’s cool is that you get to choose if you want to partake or not.

You can book a private room or a shared room. I decided to do a private room at both places because I like the option of having extra privacy and there’s no worry at all of anyone taking my stuff, even though that’s apparently very rare.

When you stay at an Airbnb it’s a bit tougher to meet people out because they tend to already have their group of friends. You feel more secluded. When you’re at a hostel, (depending on the size) you have 50+ new friends you can go out with and adventure with!

Now, let me tell you straight up, they definitely are not 5-star places, so if you’re looking for more of the luxurious lifestyle, this is not it. But, if you’re looking for a spot that you can keep your stuff while spending most of your time:

» Exploring the new country you’re in

» Playing pool, ping pong or beer pong (hah) in the common areas

» Chillen at the pool (depending on if the hostel you booked has one of course, many do!)

» Goin’ out to dinners, bars, and clubs in the area with some new peeps

» Goin’ on discounted hiking and sightseeing trips

…Then hostels are the way to go for you.

I love the fact that hostels tend to partner with other companies and give you a reduced price on adventures.

You can book awesome things like snorkelling and going to see waterfalls here in Bali for super cheap and you get it even cheaper if you have more people to go with you! It’s a win, win situation! You don’t even need to plan your trips because they have the trips already planned out for you if you choose to partake!

I actually ended up leaving the hostel a couple of days early because the group of med students from the hostel had an extra room at their private villa on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan!  None of us even knew each other, but still decided to book a place together, which created a lifetime of memories and friendships.

If you’re looking to travel, and can’t find anyone to go with you, seriously consider booking a hostel (even for a couple nights) and meeting some great new people. It will open up your eyes to the new places you can go solo…on a budget…meeting some of the best and open-minded people you will ever meet in your life!

You can always book an Airbnb or VRBO if you don’t like it. I like to switch things up so staying at a hostel for 4 nights, then staying at a more luxury Airbnb has been working out well for me.

You get the best of both worlds and even staying at the Airbnb, now, I have some friends to meet up with for the rest of the time!

So if you’re travelling solo, and you’re worried about being alone, go to a hostel and you will no longer be solo that’s for sure;)

You can even join this FB group I’m in of 250,000 solo female travellers to give you even more inspiration to make it happen!

If we can do it, so can you!


Written by Christine Grippi

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