7 Essential Travel Items For Singles

Considering what to pack before heading on a big travel adventure can take some time and practice. What do you need? Will you have room? How much does this cost? It doesn’t matter where you go, these 7 essential cost-effective travel items are a must! Due to their diversity, compatibility, and affordability, these below items are a game changer.

7 Essential Travel Items

Number #1

Compression Clothing

Super light, stretchy and insanely comfortable, compression pants are a lifesaver. For adding an extra layer of warm and keeping your heat in they are perfect for so many things. You can train, go hiking or even sleep in them. Let’s not forget how super easy to clean they are, with only a few hours needed for them to become dry again. If you are on the backpacker’s lifestyle then these are a must! Our teams favorite are:

7 Essential Travel Items for Singles

Number #2

Microfibre Towel

The Microfiber Towel is a well-known travel item, especially when traveling frequently and passing through hostels. No one likes paying for towels at their accommodation so have one of these handy. They are affordable and compactable. Like most essential travel clothing items they dry super fast! Some brands we use regularly are:

» Kathmandu

» Aquis

» The Friendly Swede

Number #3

Packing Cubes

Finding your clothing items deep within your travel bag is a thing of the past! Now with Packing Cubes you can separate your luggage and protect it from unwanted stains, wrinkles or damages. Know exactly where your items are is a massive time saver and this essential travel item is worth every penny! Have a look at these companies who have their designs on point:

» Shacke Pak ( In picture)

» Bagail

» Pro Packing Cubes

Number #4

Hand Sanitizer + Wipes

In the middle of a long haul flight and need to freshen up? Have bathrooms run out of soap? Hygiene isn’t the strongest point in some countries and you never know where you may end up. Simply using a face wipe can make you feel better instantly! Hand sanitizer can really be used at any time. When traveling you sometimes don’t have a choice where you can use the bathroom. Having these small, squishy bottles is a great way to clean your hands without any water! You normally can pick these up from any outlet stores or supermarkets. Alternatively, you can order them online.

7 Essential Travel Items For Singles

Number #5

Bluetooth Speakers

Creating the party atmosphere is easy when you travel with portable Bluetooth speakers. Every year brands are releasing better designs with improving features and quality. Definitely consider upgrading from your average phone speakers. People will naturally be drawn to the music, so get the party started! No wonder it made our list of essential travel items. Brands which have withstood the single traveler lifestyle:

» Ultimate Ears Boom 2

» Bose



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7 Essential Travel Items For Singles - Life Being Single

Number #6

Anti-Theft Backpacks

Having a secure and versatile Anti-Theft backpack is a must-have travel item for any single person. With pickpocketing and card skimming on the rise every year, you want to protect your belongings as much as possible. Spending the extra money definitely is worth it, compared to a regular backpack. Some of the benefits they come with are; Secret pockets, attachable zips, RFID Protection, slashproof construction, YKK Zippers, and water-resistance materials.

Let’s not forget the superior overall quality adding extra durability! When purchasing an Anti-Theft Backpack you want to make sure all the above benefits are featured. The design should also take into account the ability to hide your belongings from thieves. The comfort and pocket arrangement is really personal preference. Every brand seems to offer slightly different features, styles and sizes so do spend some time deciding what you consider important in your Anti-theft bag. Our recommendations on brands are:

» Pacsafe (our favourite)

» Mancro

» Travelon

7 Essential Travel Items For Singles - Life Being Single

Number #7

Portable Charger

There is nothing worse than getting lost or needing to contact someone when your phone is going dead. Having a portable charger handy is a great backup idea for any device. Even having a couple pre-charged for the added convenience factor. We recommend purchasing the larger devices which can fully charge your smartphone at least two times. From experience, the smaller slim chargers tend to take longer to charge and break a lot sooner. Have a look at the ones our friends and we use:

» Jackery (In picture)

» Anker

» Charmast


Worldwide Travel Adapter

The most essential travel item of all. What’s the use in bringing all your gadgets traveling when you can’t even charge them in the country you are in? Having an all in one adapter can make life a whole lot easier than scrambling between plugs and cords. Cheaper adapters are more likely to break so invest in a reliable one. Our recommendations are:

» Uppel Tech


In Summary:

These travel items are essential for any trip and by not having them you really are making a rookie mistake. We believe sticking to the fundamentals is the best thing to do when on your travels. Let us know in the comments below on what travel items you cannot go without?

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