Single millennials are now becoming aware that there is more to life than what we have been told. We are realizing that the traditional path society has laid out no longer serves us. We are taught the wrong information in our education system and then thrown into the first job that pays the bills. Society then programs us to consume products to make us feel good, then wonders why the majority of us are unfulfilled and lack basic respect for ourselves. After travelling and meeting people all around the world, I noticed there was a trend happening: more and more people are choosing to be single.

Humans are born to experience this world, go on adventures, and turn ideas into reality. I created Life Being Single for all those who reject the status quo, who naturally seek to better themselves in all aspects of life, and who choose to embrace their creative sides. As I always knew, working the 9 to 5 grind, getting married, then paying off a mortgage until you die was never for me, and if you are reading this then I imagine you agree too.

The single lifestyle does not have to be lonely or depressing; we don’t need external relationships or material possessions to be happy. Everything that we acquire is already in our possession. Ourselves. Life Being Single is here to support everyone on their amazing journey, as we know that not fitting in can be difficult. In a world where information is misleading and untrustworthy, we want to be the good guys that have your back, as we know finding good quality content is hard to come by.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you amazing content, helping you to learn, grow, and enjoy life to the max. I wish there had been something like this around a few years ago, as it would have saved me from a lot of frustration, wasted time, and wasted money. Collectively, we have all kinds of experiences, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Life is too short for negative people and bad relationships. Let’s build epic lives together to become the highest versions of ourselves. I love collaborating with abundant-thinking people all across the world. I love to learn every day, and I hope to inspire people to take action through my writing, content, and the unique community Life Being Single will build.

This won’t be a typical sellout blog or website. I’m here to create a movement. So jump on board and let’s start this new adventure.



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