How can I sum up my life in a £1.5M central London apartment? Everything happened in this apartment: excessive partying, noise complaints, and consistent visitors. This was not a place to relax. Let me take you down the path of how it all started.

It was located in central London, minutes away from Piccadilly Circus, so hidden away you could have walked straight past it. My reason for moving into the city was due to my heavy involvement in the club promoting scenes. With all the best nightclubs, restaurants, and bars close by, it was nearly impossible to have a quiet night in; it really was an apartment built for young singles to go crazy.

With such high demand for these quality apartments, it was not easy securing a prime location. Call it fate: we were luckily the first people to view the place and the landlord needed tenants as soon as possible. We kept our cool and applied straight away. After the mind-numbing paperwork, credit checks, and having to pay the entire six months’ rent up front, we were ready to move in!

Red Double Decker Buses In London Central

This was a crazy transition period for me, as I went from a single bedroom shithole flat in East London which didn’t even have hot water, to what seemed like a mansion. I finally had a queen bed, a big kitchen, and a proper shower. After settling in and getting our bearings in our new environment, the apartment went from 0-100 real quick. It did not take very long until our friends came over to check the place out.

It was a fun and hectic stage of my life. I sometimes lost my sense of time due to the hours of my job. We really did whatever the hell we wanted; people looking forward to the weekend simply confused me. My life was now a weekend. I would go network/party at night, wake up whenever, hit the gym, go on dates (sometimes ), catch up with the boys, eat out most days, then do it all again. What I created was a polar opposite lifestyle to how to I had been living back home. My life was London, and nothing else existed.

As you can imagine, things started to get out of hand. I got so wrapped up in my own little world, I didn’t recognize the warning signs which were right in front of me. We consistently had work meetings, pre-drinks, after parties, friends crashing on the couches, and people coming over all at once. It was a madhouse, but at the time, I was blinded by the love, excitement, and drama it brought. Eventually, things started to crumble. We had noise complaints, threats of calling the police, people physically not leaving our house, items going missing, my food being eaten all the time (this one always ticked me off), and a mice infestation. This was happening all nights of the week, and frankly, I don’t think most people would have been able to handle it.


This lifestyle could not last forever. Things started to deteriorate quickly, like my health, concentration, and keeping in touch with family. I realized that my life had to change direction. The apartment was consistently a mess and I could barely get any time alone. I needed to save money, and the apartment was a huge expense. The party life caught up with me. We decided to terminate our contract early. It was a pain dealing with the landlord and moving out, but I was finally able to find a place which allowed me to get away, rest, and focus on my next goal: saving for my trip around Europe in the summer with Jay.

Looking back, was it all worth it? Definitely! The experiences and people I was able to meet were priceless, and it was a time in my life that I will never forget, but what a huge learning curve. I didn’t truly understand the lessons until it was over and I had time to reflect on all the craziness. I learnt that who I spent my time with was super important. I love the quote,”You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with,” by Jim John. Environmental exposure can work for or against you, so you might as well stake the odds in your favour.


What Did I Do Well?

– Upgrading my location and surroundings prepared my mindset for success.
– I learnt from others who were better than me in certain areas.
– Having fun and utilizing living in the city.


What I Neglected

– I did not balance my life. Too much of one thing will nearly always affect other aspects of your life.
– To see how people can take advantage of you. Not being aware of how others were treating me.
– Not putting down ground rules where I lived.

I now always strive to surround myself with the best people and put myself into the best positive environment as often as possible. Your time is your biggest asset, so why waste it on unwanted people or places?

Great Questions To Ask Yourself

– Who are you hanging out with?
– Who is challenging you?
– Who are you challenging?
– What environments do you spend your time in the most?


From the outside, it looked like I was partying and having a good time. But in reality, I was going through some massive life lessons, worth far more than the money I spent on rent or the drama I went through. I’m extremely appreciative of what I learned, having come out with a better understanding of life and myself. Are you surrounding yourself with the best people? Putting yourself in abundant environments? What has worked for you? Comment below, as I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.



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