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Wellington | New Zealand

Having been born and bred in the capital, I personally think Wellington is one of the best cities in New Zealand to visit and live. Located on the Lower North Island of New Zealand, with a population of around 400,000. Nicknamed “Windy Wellington” for its strong coastline winds, it can definitely blow a gale at times. Yet there is an age old saying “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day,” this is due to the fact you simply can’t. When the wind drops off and the sun is out you are transported to a tropical island. It is no wonder Wellington was rated  The Best Place To Live In The World last year by Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Wellington offers the perks of being in a compact, easy to navigate city, the added benefit of being surrounded by amazing nature, welcoming beaches and luscious parks. Depending on the time of year you may be situated perfectly for the numerous ongoing events Wellington is so well known for. However, if you happen to come at a quieter time you can still discover the world famous quality coffee, brunch culture and artistic side Wellington has to offer. If you are outdoorsy, love eating fresh food, drinking a huge array of craft beer, enjoy having local and international events come to your doorstep, then this place is for you.


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The Breakdown

Wellington | New Zealand

Life Being Single Wellington New Zealand Location Review


8.4 out of 10


New Zealanders aka “Kiwi’s” are known for their relaxed and laid-back approach to life, Wellingtonian’s are no different. Voted the best city in the world to live by Deutsche Bank, in Germany and numerous other surveys mentioning how great Wellington is, it’s fair to say the quality of life in Wellington is fantastic. With its massive cultural diversity, most of the population are open to other lifestyle choices and very likely be willing to lend a hand if needed. Whether you are wanting help or need directions, don’t be shy, Kiwi’s love meeting visitors, and will nearly always greet you with a smile and help point you on your way.

Wellington New Zealand Location Review Attractiveness

Quality Of Life

9.0 out of 10


Wellington is known for it’s relaxed approached lifestyle, with a great work to play balance. The local’s are generally happy and can comfortably get by with many job opportunities available. Every essential commodity can be accessed with ease. The water is clean and the food is always high quality. One thing to note, while getting access to wifi is easy, it may not always be fast like in bigger countries.

Wellington New Zealand Location Review Wellington Location Review Affordability


7.0 out of 10


The price of food and transport is slightly cheaper compared to the likes of Auckland and Queenstown but compared to the rest of the world New Zealand is relatively expensive when it comes to food. Pak n Save is a budget-friendly supermarket which helps to cut costs, compared to other supermarkets around the city. Buses are the cheapest option for transport, while trains taking you to the outer regions are more expenses but definitely quicker. Check out Metlink for pricing when planning your route. Due to the limited amount of available rentals, accommodation prices have dramatically increased over the past years. If you are planning on moving here and don’t need to be close to the city then I would highly recommend looking slightly further out. Not only do you get more value for money on your property but you will nearly always save money on the other essentials like food and petrol. 

Tip: Avoid Taxis; they can sometimes be double the price compared to Uber or Zoomy. I would recommend having both app’s handy in case one of them does not have any drivers available. Only use taxi’s for short distances if you’re desperate.

Wellington New Zealand Location Review Wellington Accommodation


8.5 out of 10


There are a number of options in the city, ranging from luxury hotels, self-contained apartments to motels and backpackers. The most popular with groups are apartments listed on Airbnb or hotels, this is normal for their comfort, privacy and prime location. If you are on a budget, travelling alone or want to be around the party atmosphere, then a backpackers could be sufficient. I recommend booking somewhere in the heart of the city, this will give you the ability to walk to most attractions Wellington has to offer. For people moving to Wellington, there is a lack of longer-term rentals around the city, this is due to the high demand from students and working professionals, so if you are wanting to stay long term its best to try and book your accommodation in advance.

Comfort and Luxurious | Prime Locations | Higher Price

For the people who want to visit in style, have easy access to the city and a concierge at your fingertips, Wellingtons finest is definitely worth the money. For amazing service and for the luxury of the added benefits above, our recommendations below should fulfil all your needs:

Intercontinental, QT Museum, Copthorne Hotel & Quest

Self-Contained | Cooking Facilities | Locations Vary In Availability

Airbnb is a great website you can use anywhere in the world. With the flexibility of renting houses, apartments or individual rooms with no contract. Getting a prime spot in the city will depend on the time of year and what events are going on. If you are visiting at peak times, book in advance, otherwise you may end up compromising on the location or even missing out. Area’s that are close to the city are Mt Victoria, Te Aro, Lampton Quay, Aro Vallery, Mount Cook, Newtown, and Thorndon.

Prime Location | No Frills | Party Atmosphere

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay or simply a roof over your head then Backpackers can be a great option. Most are available all year round and are great for last minute bookings. They are normally filled with young travellers who are on a budget and looking to mingle with others. If you’re not worried about any luxuries, can handle the crazy amount of people and shenanigans which generally go on, then this would suit you perfectly. For clean, affordable backpackers check out:

X Base Backpackers, Cambridge Hotel & YHA

Wellington New Zealand Location Review Nightlife


7.8 out of 10


The major benefit of this city is everything is within close proximity, meaning everything is within walking distance. Wellington nightlife has three totally different aspects, these have been broken down in sections below.

Age Average 23 years + | Relaxed Environment | Easier To Socialise

This is where the Wellington excels. Classy with a twist, special environments to relax and enjoy a nice craft beer or cocktail. Whether it’s chilling in the sun at a rooftop bar or getting cosy inside a niche cocktail bistro, lounge bars are a big hit. With a much better crowd, good quality drinks, and easy listening music. To top it off most lounge bars leave their kitchen open until late for your evening cravings. A couple of our favourite locations are:

The Library, St Johns Bar & Dirty Little Secret

Social Dinners | Cheap Alternative To Drinking While Eating Out | NZ Experience

In New Zealand, some restaurants allow their customers to B.Y.O (bring your own) bottles and charge a small corkage fee. Before you get any ideas this doesn’t mean you can rock up with any kind of bottle, its only limited to wine. However, there is no limit to the number of wine bottles you can bring. I’ve seen people take 2-3 bottles just for themselves. If you are unsure if the restaurant does B.Y.O, most advertise outside their window and it’s normally very easy to give them a call. Corkage fees vary between $2-5 per bottle, so check this as well, and always book the table with enough spots as these places can get busy, especially in the weekend.

Pro Tip I: Drink water, lots of wine and eating food can take its toll. Don’t be that person passing out half-way through dinner. I’ve seen it happen. Not pretty. B.Y.O restaurants I would suggest:

Ozeki, Red Hill, PhuThai Esarn

Average Age 18-30 | Chaotic & Noisy | A Place For Heavy Drinkers

Courtney Place is where nearly all of our “Nightclub’s” are located. I put the world nightclub in quotation marks simply because they barely pass as being called that. Most are small, overcrowded and only play top 40 charting pop music. If you can imagine a room with a bar inside, a mediocre lighting rig and a push play DJ, then you are highly likely able to picture what you will experience. On top of all this, people heavily pre-drink and arrive already too intoxicated, especially the young students. For a messy night head to:

Mishmosh, Bettys, Siglo

Wellington New Zealand Location Review Security


9.3 out of 10


The Global Peace index rated New Zealand as the fourth safest country in the world. You may find the odd drunk stumbling home after a night out but as long as you use common sense, there shouldn’t be any issues in Wellington. The key thing to note is the liquor ban, so try to avoid drinking in public. No one wants to be charged a hefty $250.00 fine unnecessary. In regards to the getting into the country, New Zealand makes it easier for people coming from the Commonwealth countries, but it can be hard for other countries to get visas. I would recommend reading the Visa and Immigration requirements and exploring your visa options before you plan your trip.

Our Summary


With the same perks of a big city but without being too overcrowded, you can see why people flock from all over the world to come see the cultured capital of New Zealand. With the ease of getting around the city to friendly locals and vibrant nature, this is defiantly a must visit city experience for any single traveling through New Zealand. Forget what you have heard from typical tourism sites. Did you really come traveling to the opposite side of the world to see a museum? Hopefully, we have given you some good insight into what it is really like to live in Wellington. Let us know what you thought, and please share with anyone you think may benefit from this review.

Overall Rating

8.5 out of 10


Helpful Information

Free CBD Wifi

Wellington has free wifi across certain areas of the city. Check Cbdfree for more information about where it’s located and for log in details.

Day Activities

» Te Papa Museum

» Zealandia – Fully fenced urban ecosanctuary for New Zealand wildlife.

» Mt Victoria Lookout

» Weta Workshop

» Wellington Botanic Gardens

» National War Memorial


» Homegrown is a one-day festival in March every year showcasing local New Zealand music.

» Wellington On A Plate (WOAP) is a yearly food festival event between the 10th-26th of August, filled with hundreds of set menus, pop-ups, and creative burger recipes. During this time the restaurants and bars are fighting for numerous awards so the food is always to a high standard.

» Cuba Dupa is a free two-day street festival where the city council closes the popular Cuba street and surrounding areas to bring live music, performances and street food. This event is on the 24th and 25th of March. Normally the first day has younger people attending creating a party atmosphere at night and the following day is more families.

Local Beaches

»Oriential Bay

»Lyall Bay

»Petone Beach

»Titahi Bay Beach

»Paraparaumu Beach

Internet Providers

» Big Pipe ($20 Credit)

» Spark

» 2 Degrees

» Vodafone

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