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Budapest | Hungary

Since our team has visited Budapest many times, we have received an excellent insight into what Budapest has to offer and what kind of city it is. Located on Danube, Budapest is often called the “pearl of the Danube”, which is famous for its numerous bridges connecting Budim and Pest. The city has about 2 million inhabitants and it is divided into 23 districts, but it is perfectly organized and well connected. Budapest is a gem, both in winter and summer, so the seasons do not slow down the life of this city.

The famous past of Budapest is visible in every part of the city, but besides this, Budapest is an extremely modern and urban metropolis. Although there is no exit to the sea, in the very heart of the city there is the island of Margitsziget or Margaret, which is famous for its parks and festivals. When there are no festivals, Budapest is alive, vibrant and there is always a new interesting place to visit. You can get to know the unique culture and rich history by walking through the city. For the foodies, if you are interested in trying some local Hungarian cuisine, you can order the famous Hungarian gulas in almost every restaurant.

Budapest | Hungary

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The Breakdown

Budapest | Hungary

Budapest Hungary Location Review


8.0 out of 10


At first glance, it can seem the citizens of Budapest are rigid and inaccessible to strangers, but this is far from the truth. They are very open, friendly, ready to help and will give you information or advice very thoroughly if required. In almost all of the restaurants and cafes staff speak English, so you should not have a problem with communicating. However, if you need help or information while in town, it is best to ask younger people as the older generation usually only speak Hungarian.

Budapest Hungary Location Review

Quality Of Life

8.9 out of 10


The quality of life in Budapest is extremely high. Budapest has made great efforts to provide its citizens and tourists with the best facilities. The city is always clean and tidy, with food and water high quality and almost all places give access to free Wi-Fi. Budapest is extremely popular with expats and digital nomads due to the low living costs.  If you are looking for a job, then many travelers look for work in backpackers, the popular Ruin Bars, and language teaching jobs. But this is certainly not the only option. Today there are many other jobs that can be done, as many international companies have their seat in this city.


9.5 out of 10


Prices for food, accommodation, and transportation in Budapest are extremely affordable and lower in price than other major European cities. The price of a city transport ticket is the same as if you are traveling by bus, tram or metro, and in restaurants, you can order a quality meal for a small amount of money. Although Hungary is not the cheapest country in the world, Budapest is a great place for singles who want to get more out of their travel money. If you move to Budapest from a city similar in size to North America, Australia or Europe, know that you will cut your costs by half. This article on the daily costs to visit Budapest can be helpful for anyone traveling on a budget.

Tip: City transport is one of the best ways to go around the city because it is very accurate, it is perfectly connected to parts of the city and the cheapest way to get from one end to the other. Check out this article on public transport in Budapest which outlines your options and pricing in more detail.

Budapest Hungary Location Review


8.2 out of 10


In Budapest, there are many options for accommodation in any part of the city. Visitors can enjoy luxury hotels and apartments, but also very affordable hostels. It all depends on what you are looking for. It is convenient to stay in the center of the city, however, if you wish to stay further out you can quickly reach the center by public transport or by car. If you are on a budget, hostels are the best choice and there are plenty of them in Budapest. Wherever you stay, you will be near restaurants, shops and attractions.

Comfort and Luxurious | Prime Locations | Higher Price

Some of the best and most luxurious hotels in Budapest are located in the city center by the river. Besides being able to enjoy incredible comfort, luxury and services. You also have the added benefit of beautiful views of the cityscape.

Iberostar Grand Hotel, Gresham Palace, and Corinthia Hotel

Self-Contained | Cooking Facilities | All Areas Of The City

Airbnb is always a great way to reserve your accommodation in Budapest, especially if you want more private space. In Budapest, through Airbnb, you can rent very good accommodation at a decent price in great locations. They offer rooms, apartments, hotels, and hostels, and since there are enough accommodation facilities, you do not have to reserve too much in advance. Some areas we recommend checking out are District VII (Jewish Quarters), District V and District VI. Generally, the Pest side equals the action and Buda is quieter.

Prime Location | No Frills | Party Atmosphere

Hostels are a great place if you only need a short-term place to rest. Throughout the city, there is a great choice of hostels in really good locations that are extremely decent. Mainly young people are staying in hostels, so you will surely have fun and acquire acquaintances with people from different parts of the world.

Marco Polo Top Hostel, Baroque Hostel, Avenue Hostel, and William’s Guesthouse and Hostel


9.5 out of 10


Nightlife in Budapest is very unique, and there are many places with enchanting visual atmospheres to keep you entertained for hours. Clubs and bars are distributed throughout the city and there is something for everyone.


Many Options | Affordable | Easy To Socialise

Budapest is one of the cities with the most diverse clubs and bars. Apart from being all over Budapest, they are very different and you have so many options to choose from.  With club theaters which combine theater and dance, scenic rooftop bars and even an underground club with a pool inside, pumping hardstyle European house music.

Some of the best bars and clubs in Budapest are:

Akvárium Klub, Tütü, Otkert, Raktar Bar, Fröccsterasz Bar, 360 Bar


Relaxed Environment | Easy To Socialise | Popular with Locals

Jazz and blues bars have an important place in Budapest’s nightlife. The locals of Budapest are great fans of this music, so there are many bars where you can enjoy the atmosphere of superb live jazz. Recommendations are certainly:

Fat Mo’s Cotton Club & A38 Hajo

For a more in-depth article read – The 15 Best Places for Jazz Music in Budapest


Famous In Budapest | Party Atmosphere | Frequent Pub Crawls Attend

Ruin pubs have been extremely popular in Budapest for the past 10 years. They are made in the ruins of old buildings in the Jewish quarter, which were left after the WWII. Ruin pubs represent a mix of bar, club, cafe, and outdoor gardens which are completely unique in Hungary. You definitely have to visit some of them:

Szimpla Kert, Fogas Ház, and Corvintető


Famous In Budapest | Party Atmosphere | Most Saturday Nights

So far you have heard that Budapest is known as the “city of baths” because it is home to numerous spa centers. Thanks to this, there is a special type of fun – Sparty in Budapest. Spa party or Sparty is a night party at a spa that combines electro, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk and trance music with laser lights. The most famous Sparty’s are in Széchenyi baths which operate in the summer, spring, and autumn seasons. Everyone goes to Lukacs Baths during the winter.

Check out Sparty’s Official trailer in 2017

Budapest Hungary Location Review


8.9 out of 10


Budapest is a very secure city and is listed as number 27 out of 113 cities ranked as the safest or the most dangerous in the world. Certainly, you need to be careful where you leave your personal belongings at the club or in an open place because the pickpockets are everywhere, but there is no major crime. Be aware learning Hungarian is one of the hardest languages for foreigners to learn. You want to be extra vigilant when dealing with someone who speaks little English, especially when using taxis.

Our Summary

Budapest | Hungary

There is no doubt that you will be enchanted by Budapest as soon as you travel to the city. When you get to know it a bit better, you will understand why this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Budapest offers everything you need for an excellent time, and you do not need a lot of money to get a quality time here. Budapest offers completely new experiences to see and do. Once you have been once, you will want to return again and again. Just like we have been!

Overall Rating

8.9 out of 10


Helpful Information

Festivals & Events

» Sziget Festival 8-15 August – Check out their Aftermovie in 2017

» Budafest 26-28 August

» Winter Festival at Vorosmarty Square – November 9th to December 31st

Day Activities

» Walk up to the Fisherman’s Bastion & Vienna Gate for amazing views of the city. There are also a number of museums, restaurants, and shops at the top. Free Walking Tours are operated by locals which is a great way to learn more about the city and be guided on where to go. They do expect donations at the end, so have cash ready.

» Szépművészeti Múzeum – Egyptian Collections and 19th-Century Paintings.

» Vajdahunyad Castle

» Buda Castle

» Central Market Hall

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