I believe the world needs an outlet for expressing individuality. A platform for sharing the life lessons made by each of us when we look inwardly and choose to become the greatest versions of ourselves. It’s the open recognition of oneself that “I am okay.” Through the power of self-belief and a constant striving for greatness, you can achieve far more than most people give themselves credit for.

There is a steady increase in demand for self-acceptance, yet with the rest of society so focused on what you need to buy, who you need to look like, what supplements you need to take, and what quick fix fitness programs you need to do, it’s become obvious that all these “must have X to feel good” solutions are just not cutting it for Mr & Mrs Millennial. My approach is different. I’m not suggesting you need to go on a spiritual journey around India or do a 3-month yoga retreat in Thailand (not that these are in any way bad at all, on the contrary, I’m sure it would be amazing). I’m suggesting that we are, as a consensus, finding it more and more important to know, or at least try to know, the fundamental building blocks of life. We need to delve deeper into the realms of deep questions about ourselves. Questions like, Who are we? What are we made up of? What beliefs do we hold, and how do these beliefs affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually? What is society trying to make us believe? Is what we have been taught our whole lives really the truth? Well, I can tell you this much: I have only just begun my journey, and the more I learn, the more I find out how little I know.

Now let’s get something cleared up: Life Being Single is for everyone. It may seem to be only for singles, but it’s for all people who are wanting to grow and develop. If you are in a relationship already, you can still work on yourself. However, sometimes in life, it is easier to look deeper into your own being and find your true self when you do not have to think about how it affects your other half or worry about how they might react to your new way of thinking.

I created Life Being Single with the intention of bringing us all together. It’s a platform for like-minded thinkers to express their thought patterns, beliefs, and life journeys. Shared with the world with the hope that maybe, just maybe, something picked up along the way may have some tangible substance for the reader. They can then utilize this information to help them along their own journey, and hopefully help the cycle to continue by passing on the knowledge they acquire to someone else.

The path of learning and self-development goes hand in hand with the trials and tribulations of life. It is what helps to shape and mould us into capable human beings, allowing us to achieve whatever we put our minds to. I believe that all we are is all we have ever been taught, and what we have been taught comes from what we have chosen to believe. The reason we choose to believe what we think to be true is because of all the other beliefs we have ever learnt in the past. This compound belief structure is our guidance system, and the only way to upgrade ourselves is to become more open-minded, less influenced by others, and to really spend time learning about who we are.

Life Being Single is my creative outlet for self-discovery. What would you like to see in The Hub at Life Being Single? Are there any topics which you would like to discuss, and what are your thoughts on my first post? Please leave your comments below.

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