I believe it is really important to have people to look up to and learn from. Mental development and being open-minded is the key to success. I have found that one of the best ways to learn is through others’ teachings, and to have these, you need to find the right people to follow. This understanding lead me to write this post.

Joe Rogan Quotes JRE

Number #1

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a popular presenter and comedian. His podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience) is hugely popular and has over 2.25 million subscribers on Youtube, as well as millions of podcast downloads via iTunes. He also has a huge following on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You may remember him as the host of the popular TV show Fear Factor. He is also heavily involved in the UFC as a lead commentator and has two black belts in Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwando.  He is a successful entrepreneur and knows both how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

His podcast brings in huge names ranging from successful actors, singers, fighters, stand-up comedians, and even scientists. He brings in such an amazing variety of people, and you can guarantee that you will learn something new each time you watch the show. He is always asking the perfect questions and showing the utmost respect. I have been following his channel for years and recommend that you do too!

Russell Brand Quote

Number #2

Russell Brand

Having got his big break through stand-up comedy, Russell Brand has now branched off into politics and other spiritual awakening ideologies. After following him for many years and watching him struggle to beat his addiction with drugs and sex, I have been inspired by his life and learned how you can overcome anything with your mind if you just put enough effort in. He has a popular series of videos on his YouTube channel called The Trews and has released multiple books about his life, including ways of ‘Unfucking’ yourself, as mentioned in his new book, Recovery. I would definitely recommend following his channel and getting up to date on what he is up to. For anyone who is always wanting to learn to become a better version of themselves, Russell is a great example of overcoming the trials and tribulations of life.

Elliott Hulse Strongman Quote

Number #3

Elliott Hulse

Former Strongman and now strength camp owner, Elliot has over 700k followers on his YouTube channel. Like most his followers, I initially followed him to learn how to become bigger, stronger, and more of a gym junkie. While it is a huge part of his channel, it is important to note that he has since branched out into writing books and even doing live seminars. He gives out massive value and a lot of free content, far exceeding your expectations. From what seemed to be just a fitness channel, he dives deep into philosophy, beliefs about the human mind, learning to tap into your true potential, and has many side projects such as the non-job revolution. There are so many things you can learn from his experiences. You can read more about him on his website http://elliotthulse.com/

Aaron Marino Alpha M Quote

Number #4

Aaron Marino

Also known as Alpha M, Aaron has a massive following on his Youtube channel, giving advice on things your parents never taught you! Examples of these things are: grooming tips, fitness tips, and lifestyle hacks for young males. I highly recommend his videos for personal grooming and dress sense. He is a natural in front of the camera and makes what could be a boring topic entertaining while still being very informative. If you are still trying to discover a look or style that best suits you, then Alpha M could be a great place to start. For more information on his products and consultancy services, check out his website: www.iamalpham.com/

David Icke Quotes Infinite Love

Number #5

David Icke

David is a former football player and T.V. presenter. Having left that behind, he is now on a completely different path, and his whole purpose in life is to expose the harsh realities of the world today. With over 25 years experience researching and investigating corrupt government agendas and political propaganda, David is seen by some as a hero and by others as a madman. I personally find his work fascinating and highly educational. David will give you insights into what he thinks we really are and what is happening today on the planet. The information he provides is a lot to take in at times, with lots of it being hard to digest, but it does make a lot of sense. He is also promoting spiritual awakening and has many books on different subjects outlining “the truth.” I recommend being very open-minded when first listening to his videos. You can read more about him on his website, www.davidicke.com, and he has also written a new book called “Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Never Told”.

Wim Hof The Iceman Quote

Number #6

Wim Hof - The Iceman

Wim is famous for swimming under ice lakes, climbing Mount Everest topless, and beating life-threatening diseases through his ability to control his adrenaline. Wim understands that if you can control your breathing in any uncomfortable situation, especially the cold, you can force your body to control its immune and cardiovascular system, enabling you to have what seem to be extraordinary abilities. Vice has an awesome documentary on YouTube called “Inside The Superhuman World Of Iceman”, which is a great place to start to learn more about him. To get more information on his techniques, you can search his Youtube channel Wim Hof or his website Wimhofmethod.com.

Jason Capital Quote

Number #7

Jason Capital

He calls himself the number 1 honest dating coach in the world. He doesn’t beat around the bush; he is raw and straight to the point. With thousands of so-called dating and lifestyle coaches out there, Jason is the real deal. Jason is famous for making millions through his copywriting techniques and multiple online businesses as well as his popular books 77 Ways To Make Her Want To F**k You and Higher Status. He does many seminars and online courses. Definitely check him out on YouTube at Jason Capital.

50 Cent Quote

Number #8

50 Cent - Curtis Jackson

Most people will know 50 Cent for being a famous American rapper who has been shot 9 times. Curtis Jackson is way more diverse than what many people think. He is a true businessman with huge ambition and drive. From running a crack-cocaine business on the streets of New York to becoming a world famous gangster rapper who then created his own music label, “G-Unit”, then moving on to massively diversify his revenue streams through the likes of vitamin water, headphones, clothing labels, and most recently, movies. He even collaborated with the famous author Robert Green to write the 50th Law, which is one of my favorite books and a must-read! 50 Cent is a boss entrepreneur and downright genius!

Mark Passio Quotes

Number #9

Mark Passio

Mark is truly dedicated to his mission: exposing the lies taught in this so-called ‘material world’. He breaks down cryptic ideologies and twisted human history so people can really understand it for what it is. He knows that humans need to learn to connect their mind, body, and soul to grow to the next stage of evolution. If you are looking to learn more about society and how humans work to an in-depth level of detail, then I highly recommend checking out his website What On Earth Is Happening and his YouTube channel Mark Passio. His videos are very detailed, so don’t be put off if you don’t understand it the first time around. I swear, I have watched some videos multiple times, as you learn new things each time.

KRS One Quote

Number #10


Mostly known for his lyrical hip-hop talent in the early 90’s, KRS-One has created some classic songs which have caused controversy worldwide. Songs such as The Sound Of Da Police and MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know. Fast forward, he now spends his time helping to expand different thoughts on philosophy to audiences all across the world. He understands the power of the mind, articulating his ideologies and beliefs in an entertaining way. With topics that will make you question the society we live in today and teaching spirituality in depth, you better grab a pen and paper, as his videos will take you down a deep, deep rabbit hole.

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