5 Honest Truths Why They Don't Work

It is that time of year again. New year, new me bullshit that majority of the population feel the desire to share on social media every January. I’m sure you notice it and maybe even guilty of verbally sharing your new year resolutions to friends and family. Soon enough you fall back right into your old habits. I know I’ve fallen into this trap.

In my first blog post of 2019, I want to discuss why New Year resolutions DON’T work and how we have developed poor learning skills, habits and routines in our subconscious mind which hinder us in improving our lives.

First, I will dive in why I believe they don’t work and then the common pitfalls us humans tend to get ourselves in and how we can combat them.

Why Resolutions Do Not Work:

For anyone who works out in a gym regularly will notice an influx of new members who obviously made a New Year resolution. They train in January and February, expecting instant results, lose motivation then quit by March. This is a common occurrence, no matter what resolution or goal people set.

It is the only time of year in which people pretend to ask and listen about your life goals. If someone asked you “What are your New Year resolutions”? in June, you would think they’re a bit loopy. Why is this person asking me this question?

Why has society only deemed this behavior acceptable only once a year? If you’re only reflecting on your life every New Year then you are like paper in the wind. Seriously outcome dependant on external forces with no real direction in your life.

Humans are naturally lazy and think more towards short term goals and satisfaction. If they do not see results straight away, we tend to get discouraged, doubt ourselves then quit. This is a vicious cycle of consistently looking down on ourselves, guilt and lack of self-esteem. Which brings me to my first pitfall…


Number 1

Goals but no plan:

Ideas and dreams are great, they’re free and inspire you. Temporary that is. What people lack in today’s age is execution. Learning a new skill or habit is a frustrating and messy task. You need to embrace this and fight the urge to give up. Break down your New Year resolution into a plan which is actionable, write it down, see and live it.

Number 2

Too vague:

You need to be specific on your goal or resolution. If it’s too wishy-washy or a big pipe dream then there is a high likelihood of you not even attempting it or simply giving up during the learning phase.

Reverse engineer your resolution and write specific smaller goals which are required before you can reach your main one. I highly recommend watching the below video by Dan Lok. 👇


How To Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them


Number 3

Lack of self-reflection:

Humanity only encourages self-reflection once a year. Do you seriously believe New Year resolutions are enough? We need to be consistently re-elevating our lives. As you may have noticed, nothing in life is consistent. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs however if we do not take regular time to actually think what we are doing right or wrong how are we going to improve as a person?

The goal may never change but the plan may have to. Bruce Lee famously said, “Be like water“, which essentially means, be adaptable to whatever comes your way.

So, don’t leave the New Year resolutions time to remind you, set your own time to reflect on how your life is panning out. Make changes if needed then get back to it!

Number 4

Not holding yourself accountable:

You let your emotions, past failures, and excuses to take over. Like I said before, nothing in life is linear. So, either are you improving? Or slowly decaying back to bad habits?

Your mind can trick you, you are not your emotions or thoughts. If you give in to past habits then this is re-enforcing your negative self-belief of yourself. Humans naturally lean toward comfort.

We must re-wire our brain to go against this current. I’m sure you have heard the classic quote “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing never grows there.”

Immerse yourself into the resolution/goal. Set boundaries for yourself and do whatever it takes to help you excel. Whether this is getting mentors, coaches or creating a vision board. Find what works for you.


Number 5

No momentum:

You can’t expect to go from being massively overweight to shredded in 2 months. Why do people think this way with their resolutions? You need to build up small wins, giving you more confidence and knowledge to accomplish your set resolution.

Whether that’s getting up 30 minutes earlier or putting in one more gym session in a week. I know personally having momentum on my side gives me higher self-esteem to keep going and take on bigger tasks. It’s a snowball effect.

I see so many fall in this trap of trying to go 100 percent, get burnt out, lose focus and motivation to only then quit altogether. It’s in human nature to chase short-term satisfaction. Why do you think so many marketers advertise get rich quick schemes or fat loss products? As they know people with a lack of will power are drawn to this.

Don’t let this be you!


Don’t wait for the New Year to start making improvements in your life. No matter your age, sex or ethnicity we all can learn from these common mistakes to help us reach our full potential.

I encourage you during this time of year, or anytime you are reading this, to reflect on your life truthy. Have an honest conversation with yourself to identify what you’re doing right and what improvements need to be made.

Look at your life from an outsider’s perspective with no emotion or basis. I truly believe if more of us did this regularly, the world would be a much better place.

Thanks for reading and I hope you took something positive from this. If you liked it be sure to share with your friends who would greatly benefit from it.

Are there any resolutions you are pursuing this year?

Let me know in the comments below.


Ash 🙂