Ladies, I feel for you. It’s tough out there trying to find quality available guys. However, what if you think you have found one? Well, we have compiled a list of alpha male traits which you can compare against your stud. This is the list your dad should have given you years ago. Let’s begin.

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Number #1


It doesn’t matter what he strives for, as long as he is continuously looking to improve his quality of life. Now, this does not mean obtaining the number one rank in the game Call of Duty. It has to be something productive and fulfilling. It could be the business he is working on, achieving a new level of fitness, or being a better brother. If there is a lack of drive, or if he is becoming increasingly complacent in life, then this is the first warning sign that he is not an alpha male.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but a real man acknowledges both. He is a problem solver and should always be looking at ways to level up in life, not at a computer game.

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Number #2


The abundance mindset is first brought in to play through thought. The thought is then transferred into speech. Listen to what he has to say; it will teach you a lot about his mindset. The alpha male with the abundant mindset is positive, kind, generous, joyful, creative, and slow to criticise. His world is full of exciting adventures and he can be seen as loving life. Often you will notice things come easily to this personality type and that no matter what the situation, he can view it as positive in some way or form. Things to look for in your alpha male;

How does he hold himself? Is he alert and excited for the future? Are his dreams still intact? Has he given up and conformed to what society or someone else has told him to do instead of following his dreams? Notice how he perceives and talks about the world. Does he see the world as a loving and positive environment, or does he play the victim and talk negatively about himself and others?

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Number #3

He Writes Things Down

Does your man write things down? It doesn’t matter where he writes — it could be on his phone, tablet, or even in a physical book. It just matters that he has a place he writes down his thoughts, ideas, and goals. This links back to point number one. It is where he goes back to the drawing board, helping him to accomplish and understand/plan what he needs to do next. This will be subtle, as most guys will keep this to themselves (which is a good thing). All you need to look for is whether he is doing this or not.

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Number #4


Having strong boundaries is really important. It is a sure sign of an alpha male. You will notice he has minimal to no tolerance for bullshit. He knows what personality traits he likes and the kind of people to surround himself with. The alpha male is, however, not insecure about who he has around him; he is simply calculated, and everything is done to precision.

Anything which goes past his personal boundaries is quickly called out or cut out of his life. He realizes that life is too short for gossip and nagging, backstabbing and petty arguments. Anyone who tests his patience will hear about it, and he knows that if he/she cannot live up to his standards, then he will soon find another member for his squad who will. This can be true of a business partner, friendship, or personal relationship.

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Number #5


An alpha male recognizes that his time and trust are his two biggest assets. He is selective about who gets the opportunity to be allowed into his personal space, and not just anyone will get the chance. He always holds his family and close friends in the utmost regard and will be completely loyal until this trust is broken. He understands the importance of having people around him to support and love him unconditionally and is willing to fight tooth and nail for his loved ones.

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