So you said or did something to the opposite sex that makes you squirm with embarrassment. We have all been there. What was I thinking? How did this happen? Let me enlighten you with 5 Mistakes I Made and give you some tips on how to avoid them yourself, hopefully saving you from any unwanted headaches in the future. These have all been real-life experiences from yours truly. Who is this article for? Anyone who is currently single. In no particular order.

5 Mistakes I Made When Single - Getting Too Wasted

Number #1

Getting Too Wasted

I was pretty bad with this when I was in my teenage years. Blurry vision, speech impediments, looking retarded, passing out, and spewing. Not attractive at all. Well, at least not in hindsight anyway. Learning your limits is what every young person must go through. The number of times I have screwed up an amazing opportunity because I was too intoxicated are countless. Learn your limit as quickly as possible and always beware the free tequila shots.

5 Mistakes I Made When I Was Single

Number #2

Voluntarily Giving Too Much Information

Not everything should be shared straight away. Look out for genuinely interested people, more attentive participation, and topical questions. Throw some stories into the mix and always remember to add humour. This is a much faster way to see if the other person actually likes your personality or if they are even listening. Tread with caution regarding what information you provide. Would you give a stranger online your personal details right away with no hesitation? I think not.

Dating Friends In The Same Social Circle - Mistakes I Made When I Was Single

Number #3

Dating Different Friends In The Same Social Circle

Sometimes this can’t be avoided, especially in small towns and cities. However, if you are actively doing this and your social life is like the TV show Friends, then you are really playing with fire. A true friend would not tolerate this behaviour, and how would this reflect on both of you? It can work, but the majority of the time you will be the one kicked to the curb.

5 Mistakes I Made When I Was Single

Number #4

Saying The Wrong Name/Information

Getting someone’s name wrong is an amateur mistake. It is the ultimate way to make someone feel unappreciated or unwanted. I used to do this without even realizing by not checking texts before sending them with the wrong name, or talking about something that actually happened with someone else. You can definitely recover from these mistakes, but why put the extra energy into this when you can eliminate the mistake altogether? Names have always been a weakness for me. Get into the habit of repeating their name in conversation and writing down notes about the person on your phone.

Writing Down Your Count - Mistakes I Made When I Was Single

Number #5

Writing down your count

This one should never be done. Never! Think about it: what purpose does this serve you? It is purely coming from your egotistical self, making you feel like you have conquered something or reached some goal. In reality, you are taking away from the experience of liking/being attracted to someone enough to have a sexual relationship by just wanting to add more numbers to your list. Counting each lay is like writing down how many amazing meals you have had. Both are temporary pleasures which are enjoyable in the moment, but if you place certain expectations on them until you have reached a certain number, then you are fighting a losing battle. Having this noted down in a book or phone will only come back to haunt you! Delete all evidence and remember that every amazing memory will still be with you. You don’t need reminding elsewhere.


So there you have it. My mistakes I made while being single. Everyone is human, but let’s hope that after reading this article you avoid the blunders I have made in the past. Share with the single friends who need to see this! Have you done anything else equally as bad? I’m sure someone has a great story to share. Let me know in the comments below.

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