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Back in 2014, I was stuck in a job I hated and had little to no social life. I knew something drastic had to change. I sold all my belongings and moved halfway around the world from New Zealand to London. That decision changed my life forever. With having so many experiences that some people could only dream of, I created Life Being Single to meet like-minded individuals across the world and to show people how life is really meant to be lived.

My aim is to share my ideas which are raw, real and unlike anything you have heard before. The truth. I don’t claim to be some sort of guru or expert, I simply believe we should all learn from each other’s experiences and if I help anyone change their thought patterns then this dream of mine will be a success. I believe as humans we are all a work in progress and having the desire to grow is one of the best mindsets to have. Simply having an open mind to learning new creative skills and the willingness to think out of the box has brought me to creating what Life Being Single is today.

The post Why I created Life Being Single I dive deeper into my why and reasoning for starting this incredible idea and community. Check out my other articles if you are interested in different topics I have covered. If you have any ideas or feedback on Life Being Single then please reach out via my social links below.


"Reality is Wrong, Dreams are for Real"

Tupac Shakur
Legendary West Coast American Rapper


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