What is Life Being Single?

Life Being Single is a community for like-minded people who refuse mediocrity in life. Who strive for greatness through self-development and creative collaboration.

Being single allows us to discover who we really are. Appreciate the process of learning to love ourselves, spend more time in solitude and grow as a human being. Life Being Single was created around the main idea of all of us being born an individual, with no partner, money or material possessions. Yet at our most deepest core, there will only ever be one of us. Our greatest strengths and personality traits will never be repeated in this universe.
Yet are taught to find self-discovery externally but not internally?
Due to social conditioning and external influencers, we routinely get distracted. For the need for immediate pleasure, approval from others and sexual relationships. No one seems to have time to even consider who they are. Life Being Single is here to support everyone who wants to focus on themselves and not feel guilty about it. To get their sh*t handled. As we know you will come out a stronger, healthier and overall better human being.
Society has us chasing fulfillment from relationships from a very young age. Trying to find ‘the one’ to complete them. In reality, only YOU can complete yourself. Once you are genuinely happy and fulfilled alone, then you can go into a relationship with a full glass, not half.
Everyone has been single at some point in their life but why is this relationship status stigmatized in the world we live in today?
We are not scared to go against conformity to achieve our ultimate dreams. Let’s show everyone we are not self-centered, scared of commitment or lazy. Our vision is bigger.
We are not saying you need to be single forever.  Only consider being single for a certain period of time in your life. More time, freedom, self-reflection and focus. The benefits are endless.
Are you with us?
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Life Being Single's Company Mantra

  • Unique content targeted to single’s
  • Community and support who has your back
  • The latest news and events
  • Entrepreneur and business advice
  • Local travel insights
  • Grow and learn together

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